The Urban Dentist

Urban Dentist - a large dental clinic from Berlin - needed to recreate the design of their site. Their main wishes were responsive design and Wordpress as a CMS.

The project consisted of such services, chronologically:

  1. Design (views for each page)
  2. Installation and configuration of CMS
  3. Layout of pages in CMS
  4. Testing
  5. Development of guidelines for setting up static pages / elements
  6. Publishing

The main tasks that we faced in this project:

  • Develop a new adaptive design for all devices,
  • Develop pages for each of their services;
  • Create a meet-the-team page;
  • Develop a design for blog,
  • Integrate new design to Wordpress.

Wishes of the client:


Preserve the general logic of the site;


Use fonts and colors;


Move the menu up the screen and keep it visible when scrolling through the page.



For the team view page, we used the ringabout script:

We applied interactive and static elements in design of the services pages:

The blog is designed according to the wishes of the client:

So, the client got a website with a new design and improved functionality:

adaptive design
content management system, new sections (blog and team)
pages for their services
This will allow the site to be displayed correctly on all devices and have a higher position in the search results, which leads to involving more audience, and increasing rate of new customers.
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